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Official Apparel Supplier

Swivs Locker is proud to be an Official Apparel Partner of the South East Cricket Association.


SECA is a large amateur cricket association based in SE Melbourne - Victoria and has provided a
well-organised and affordable cricket competition for the local community since 1930. 

The league consists of around 140 senior teams organised into 15 grades, as well as a junior competition just shy of 300 teams from 45 affiliated clubs ranging from Under 10 - Under 18 competitions in both boys and girls cricket, encompassing nearly 9000 registered participants.


Swivs Locker can provide custom solutions to each club’s on and off field apparel requirements,
whether it be match day uniforms, training and social gear, hats, custom bags and all things cricket related.
This also includes an online club 

We are also very proud to produce the SECA league representative uniforms for junior and senior teams.

Contact Swivs Locker today to see how we can assist with your cricket needs.

Ryan "Swiv" Heywood founded Swivs Locker Pty Ltd after a club he was playing with needed a new clothing company to supply their uniforms. Swiv sourced garments to assist the club, and in doing so, found his passion. 

From there, he started building the business to what it is today. 


At Swivs Locker, our dedication to exceptional service and high quality drives us in our day-to-day operation. Customer satisfaction is our goal and we seek to not only meet your expectations but to surpass them.


We deliver orders of all sizes small or large and provide customised products to fit your requirements and budget.


If you require something that is not on our website, please contact us. (We most likely have it in our range but it is not displayed on our website. 
Alternatively we love sourcing new products).

We enjoy putting our minds together to deliver quality goods on time and as needed for your particular purpose.

Please keep reading below to learn about our league apparel partnerships. 

Southern Umpires Association 


Off Field Apparel Partner

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Swivs Locker is delighted to be the Off Field Apparel Partner for Southern Umpires Association. 

Southern Umpires Association began umpiring local football on the Mornington Peninsula in 1959.
It was originally known as the Nepean Football Umpires Association and members were paid the hearty sum of
2 pound per match.

The SUA is the largest umpiring association in Australia and has a membership base of around 490 umpires. 
People of all ages are members of the SUA and they are proud to say that the female membership is growing stronger each year.


Swivs Locker provides off field apparel to assist with the professional look of the organisation, and also so the umpires train in the highest quality apparel available on the market today. 

We are very proud to partner with the Southern Umpires Association.  

Contact Swivs Locker today to see how we can assist your umpires. 

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Game Changer - SWIVS LOCKER

Apparel Partner

Swivs Locker is proud to be the Apparel Partner for Game Changer.

Game Changer is a not for profit charity that is dedicated to suicide prevention in sporting club communities.


Game Changer's services and offerings directly impact clubs and leagues to make a positive change to

the mental well being of their members.

Game Changer is supported by a network of service providers who are all committed to saving lives by changing lives.


Swivs Locker provides apparel to assist a quality range of garments to help promote awareness, but also contributes $1.00 from every purchase made directly to support a great cause. 

Buy your Game Changer merchandise via our dedicated online 
SHOP  here. 

We are very proud to partner with Game Changer and support mental health. 

Contact Swivs Locker today to see how we can assist your charity. 

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